Over Coffee

Benjamin and I decided to buy a van and travel the U.S.

Telling it like that, it sounds sort of rash and impulsive, but actually, it has been growing inside of us since the day we met.

We both love travel and have traveled together in Haiti, Uganda, Senegal, Fiji, India, China and in the U.S.

Our most recent plan has been to buy land in Colorado and move into a tiny house. We still want to do this, but have put it off a bit to try out the nomad life and to see the country. We also want to pay cash for everything (land + tiny house), so living this lifestyle will give us more time to save our pennies towards this dream.

When we first got together, we had this crazy idea to travel the U.S. in my parents’ RV. We bought a wall map, mapped out the route and put pins at every place that we wanted to visit. We made a budget. I’m not quite sure why we didn’t do this then. We both started new businesses, which certainly took all of our focus and efforts.

Over the last couple of years, since being together, we have created a lifestyle that is completely location independent.  Both of our businesses are online and we can work from anywhere. All we need are our computers and an occasional internet connection.

Our plans have come full-circle. Instead of an RV, we’ll live in a van.

xo, Amanda

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