Our Fears About Van Life

I wanted us to write down our fears about doing this. I thought it would be fun to look back and see how things worked out.

Amanda’s Fears


Neither of us knows how to work on a van. So I guess my biggest fear is breaking down in the middle of nowhere and not being able to get help. Benjamin did make a great point…at least we can sleep in our van while waiting for help. 🙂


We travel a lot and aren’t good at eating healthy while we do. It is easy to make convenient (non-healthy) food choices over healthy food choices while traveling. This is something that we’re really taking the time to plan. We have lots of cooking stuff and are reading blogs and recipes from people that do this.

We live a super-healthy lifestyle and want to maintain that while on the road.


I’m a bit nervous about being able to focus on work. My hope is that since work time will be limited, I’ll have to hyper-focus when we do have internet and time to work.

Benjamin’s Fears


As far as my professional life goes, I am extremely dedicated to the well-being of my clients. I’m a business and life coach, and I have at least 1-hour phone calls every week with all of them. But it doesn’t end there. For each of my clients, I have a never-ending to-do list of spreadsheets, research and development, questions to raise, questions to answer, assessments and reviews of our discussions, and on and on….

So one of my biggest fears about van life is the fear of not being there for my clients when they need me. I’ve come to realize that I want my clients to succeed just as much (sometimes I feel even more!) as they do. I have to really plan my week’s schedule very carefully and be upfront with my clients as to where and when my help will come. Nothing will change…I will still devote my time and energy at a very high level to them, but the fear is the difficulty in workflow with van life.


Aside from my beautiful, wonderful and fun-loving wife, my parents are my best friends. Currently we live in a downtown apartment, and they are a short suburb drive away. We stay over at their house often, and I work around their house when they need me to. I fear that some of the heavy lifting that they have been accustomed to from me will fall back on them, and they are in no physical shape to do so. This really scares me.Plus, I’m going to miss them.


Washing dishes, cooking, making coffee in the morning, getting up to go pee, keeping the van tidy, folding up our clothes and blankets, making sure everything is dry before it is stored.Up until the last five years, I’ve been a pretty avid backpacker and camper. I understand that the simple things take more time than they otherwise would. Because of my career path, I’ve been out of the loop a bit when it comes to this; Amanda as well. I just hope that we can develop a routine out of the wander we are seeking.VAN BREAKDOWN

We have a 1992 conversion van with 140,000 miles, and I’m not all that savvy when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Thank God for YouTube…


I’ve seen and read some statistics about the main marital issues stemming from money (or lack thereof), lack of communication and lack of a shared commitment towards the same ideas and goals. But at the core, aren’t all of these about making decisions together? I hope that Amanda and I can communicate clearly and make decisions together that view both sides. Sometimes neither one of us speaks up about the thing we want because we want to please one another. This is healthy to a point, but my fear would be a slow invisible wall of sorts that begins to rise when we get out of decision-making balance.

 So there you have it! It will be fun to look back after a few months on the road to see how we tackled these fears and if they actually ended up being non-issues. 🙂
 xo, Amanda

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